Our Approach

Discipline is the key to your success.  Myself and our team of consulting partners follow a simple, yet extremely powerful, management process:

1. Provoke-the-brief

Our clients are often times clear on the brief that they give to us, yet they also require us to challenge the original brief to ensure that the quality of design and delivery going forward is at its optimum. The specialist skills and experience of myself and our consulting partners add real value to the original brief at hand to give you more beyond the original needs and wants!

2. Dig it! – demand a true diagnosis

Clients have received tremendous value from myself and our consulting partners when we dig a little deeper into the structure, systems, and skills, present in the organisation. To achieve the best results in a short period of time, each consulting partner establishes a short-term review and research-map of the client organisation. This stage of the process also signals an agreement with key decision-makers, how we will practically achieve the desired results.

3. It fits! – apply a tailored design

This is where the rubber really hits the road and our client can jointly build the method of how to achieve the desired results. A series of short, sharp, senior management meetings occur, to validate the delivery method and also raise awareness of what will be required from each of the key stakeholders. This stage of the process is not just about management “buy-in,” it’s all about organisational preparedness. Other organisations simply buy products and processes “off-the-shelf” and hope that they hit the mark – we do not take this risk, we want to guarantee a superior result by applying a tailored process and implementing a tightly targeted approach.

4. It’s now or never – delivery time

Optimum delivery of our processes and programs are achieved by doing the good old fashioned homework required within the first three stages. The job simply needs to get done. We are enthusiastic and “deliver” exceptionally well. Our team are considered world-class in their specialist field and it’s the true combination of both a tailored process and the specialist skills of our consulting partners that make the unique difference in the “delivery” for our clients. No other provider in the market place is as dedicated, or possesses our capability. Regular feedback from our clients strongly indicates that we really do provide “Deep change, fast results”.

5. Life changing leadership processes and programs that really work

We take time to evaluate the results,the extra time and attention to review the effect provided through the delivery of Tom Donaghy solutions and services, means that we find the extra value add to boost business and leadership performance.  The reason why we commit our clients and ourselves to thoroughly reviewing the ‘delivery effect’ is that we usually find additional performance improvements that may not be so apparent during the earlier stages. Also, we encourage all of our clients to own the process that we have purpose-built for them, and it’s in the evaluation stage that we can truly assist our client to enhance their leadership capability.

These five stages seem like common sense to implement; yet, our research tells us that we are the only supplier in the market place that will insist on a total approach to achieve a total solution, which means that we are a true ‘end-to-end’ service provider.

Tom Donaghy clients are already successful leaders in their field and that’s exactly why they turn to us to assure a superior result everytime, guaranteed.

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