High Performance Leadership

AWAKE? The world-first unique program that wakes people up. Experienced as a High Performance Leadership ‘intensive’ and targeted at Executives, Senior Leaders, Business Unit teams and emerging talent.

Not Your Typical Leadership Program, the AWAKE Leadership Program© is a three day full-residential program that not only develops you professionally, but benefits you personally in resetting your purpose and direction.

Participating in the AWAKE Leadership Program© enables you to further develop and refresh your current leadership skill set whilst learning leading edge new skills to take you, your team, and your organisation… further forward.

The AWAKE Leadership Program© not only meets a range of strategic business needs but is targeted towards meeting your very own professional and personal development needs.

Your commitment to the AWAKE Leadership Program© enables you to:

  • Undertake a personal introspective view of your leadership style and capability;
  • Refresh your own individual and career development plan;
  • Learn leading edge leadership tools to drive your organisation’s operations and strategies towards the next level of High Performance; and
  • Transform significantly how you manage change both personally and professionally.

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Upcoming Public Seminars

AWAKE, 10-12 December 2018

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