High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching for CEO and Executive members, establishing deep change and targeted results.

There are 3 key services available:

  • HP Coaching 1-to-1, targeted at Senior level Leaders and emerging Leadership talent. Delivered 1-to-1, using ‘Deep Change’ techniques, usually over 2-3 short sharp sessions, focussed on eliminating de-railing behaviours and/or installing high performance behaviours.
  • HP Coaching with intact business teams, targeted at the most Senior Team level of the business in a workshop format.  Usually delivered via 3 sessions over a period of 10 weeks and is focussed on building a unique high performance team that will operate toward “world class benchmarks” and ensure that the team will operate at optimal function, achieving both commercial and personal breakthroughs.
  • HP Coaching, taught as an internal Master-Class, why buy, when instead, you can build your HP Leaders? The HP Coaching Master-class is targeted at selected individuals, usually pre-identified high performers within your succession plan, who will then operate as ‘internal’ high performance coaches. We directly teach the HPC Practitioner skills such that the wider organisation can create greater scale and sustain internal momentum – with your own people delivering as HP Leadership coaches.

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